Fayette County Clinic:
Washington CH, Ohio

Phone 740-335-6935
Crisis 740-335-7155

Floyd Simantel Clinic:
Chillicothe, Ohio

Phone 740-775-1270
Crisis 740-773-4357

Highland County Clinic:
Hillsboro, Ohio

Phone 937-393-9946
Crisis 937-393-9904

Lynn Goff Clinic:
Greenfield, Ohio

Phone 937-981-7701
Crisis 937-393-9904

Martha Cottrill Clinic:
Chillicothe, Ohio

Phone 740-775-1260
Crisis 740-773-4357

Pickaway County Clinic:
Circleville, Ohio

Phone 740-474-8874
Crisis 740-477-2579

Pike County Clinic:
Waverly, Ohio

Phone 740-947-7783
Crisis 740-947-2147



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Study Finds 31 Percent Use No Opioids After Surgery - 2018-04-20
"Almost 63 percent of patients did not use opioids after having an elective procedure, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Surgical Association, held from April 19 to 21 in Phoenix." More

PAs May Have Lower Diagnostic Accuracy for Melanoma - 2018-04-20
"Physician assistants perform more skin biopsies per case of skin cancer diagnosed and diagnose fewer melanomas in situ than dermatologists, according to a study published online April 18 in JAMA Dermatology." More

Colon Cancer Survival Varies by Insurance Type - 2018-04-20
"Compared to patients with private insurance, colon cancer survival is lower for patients with no insurance or with Medicaid, according to a study published in the May issue of Diseases of the Colon & Rectum." More

Newly Designed Pulsed-Dye Laser Found Effective for Rosacea - 2018-04-20
"A pulsed-dye laser with a novel 15-mm diameter treatment beam improves the appearance of rosacea, according to a study published online April 10 in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine." More

AHA: Infections Could Trigger Stroke in Pregnant Women During Delivery - 2018-04-20
"Pregnant women who have an infection when they enter the hospital for delivery might be at higher risk of having a stroke during their stay, according to new research." More

A Big Belly Bad for Your Heart - 2018-04-20
"Even if you're not obese, too much belly fat could harm your ticker, researchers report." More

Wrist Device Shows Promise for Hand Tremors - 2018-04-20
"A wrist device that stimulates nerves in the arm may bring some relief to people with hand tremors, a preliminary study suggests." More

Even Organic Cotton Tampons Can Cause Toxic Shock: Study - 2018-04-20
"Although still exceedingly rare, menstrual toxic shock syndrome can be dangerous and has been tied to the use of tampons." More

Health Tip: Learn Symptoms of Appendicitis - 2018-04-20
"Appendicitis isa painful inflammation of the appendix. It can be life-threatening if ignored and the appendix ruptures." More

Health Tip: Screening for Cancer in Older Adults - 2018-04-20
"Though a healthy diet and exercising regularly will help prevent cancer as you age, you shouldn't ignore cancer screening tests, the American Cancer Society warns." More

U.S. Better Able to Tackle Health Emergencies: Report - 2018-04-20
"The United States is more ready for health disasters than it was five years ago, but certain regions still lag behind, a new report shows." More

When Does Online Gaming Become an Addiction? - 2018-04-20
"For most, playing online video games is largely a harmless hobby. But a new review finds that some fall prey to what experts call "internet gaming disorder."" More

First Opioid Lawsuit Targeting Pharmacy Benefit Managers - 2018-04-19
"A first opioid lawsuit is targeting pharmacy benefit managers, according to a report published in Managed Healthcare Executive." More

Most Smokers With Head and Neck Cancer Have Tried to Quit - 2018-04-19
"Most active smokers with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma have made one or more quit attempts, according to a study published online April 12 in JAMA Otolaryngology -- Head & Neck Surgery." More

Healthy Diet, Healthy Eyes - 2018-04-19
"Healthy eating may help preserve your vision as you age, eye experts say." More

3815 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)