Transitional Program

The transitional housing program was specifically designed to meet the needs of women and men who have maintained a period of being clean and sober.

Crisis Hotline

  • Ross County740-773-4357
  • Pickaway County740-477-2579
  • Pike County740-947-2147
  • Fayette County740-335-7155
  • Highland County937-393-9904

Outpatient Services

Located in Ross, Fayette, Highland, Pike, and Pickaway Counties, our professional staff is trained to recognize and diagnose the symptoms of alcohol and chemical dependency or abuse.

Residential Services

Located in Ross and Highland counties. We offer a women’s substance abuse facility, men/women mental health facility, and a 36 men’s substance abuse clinic.

Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health

What We Do

  • We offer a variety of Residential and Outpatient counseling treatment centers in these counties: Ross, Fayette, Highland, Pike, and Pickaway.
  • We have a variety of treatment professionals available including child and adult psychiatrists, a forensic psychologist, counselors, social workers, chemical dependency counselor assistants, and qualified mental health professionals.
  • We have a new Outpatient Primary Care Center that is accepting new patients at the Martha Cottrill Clinic in Ross County.
  • We offer an onsite Pharmacy inside the Martha Cottrill Clinic located in Ross County.
  • We provide best practices counseling treatment for wellness, emotional, and mental health concerns such as depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, personality disorders, relationship issues, and adjustment disorders.
  • We will be opening a new 36 bed residential treatment facility for males coping with Alcohol and other Substance Use Disorders in Ross County in early 2019.
  • We have a residential treatment facility for females open in Greenfield Ohio.
  • We provide Forensic Services and Transitional Counseling and Housing at the Floyd Simantel Clinic in Ross County.
  • We continue to provide 24/7 Crisis Center Emergency Services via phone and walk-in assistance.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Center is to provide leadership and services in a community-wide effort to foster positive, optimal mental health and to assist the community to find ways to prevent, reduce, and minimize the residual effects of mental health problems. We are supported by The Paint Valley ADAMH Board and the Center is a contract agency of The Paint Valley ADAMH Board as well. The Paint Valley Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services Board supports community treatment for those suffering mental health and substance abuse disorders. Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center is a contract agency of the Paint Valley ADAMH Board

On-site Pharmacy

(Inside MCC)

Individual Counseling

MAT Program

Day Treatment

Crisis Hotline

The SPVMHC Board of Trustees are wanting volunteers to fill two Board of Trustee openings for Pike and Pickaway Counties. The meetings are typically held at 6:00 pm on the fourth Tuesday evenings. If interested, please email Marcia Clark at for a brief application and to schedule an interview.

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Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health History

         A group of supportive community members formed the Ross County Mental Health Association in 1959. This group gathered information, wrote press releases, and advocated for a community mental health agency for outpatient counseling and psychiatric services. A steering committee was organized for the purpose to advocate for a mental health center in Chillicothe. On May 18, 1965, Dr. Noel Williams, Miss Martha E. Cottrill, and Mr. Robert L. Brubaker filed Articles of Incorporation with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office to create the “Paint Valley Guidance Center” as a non-profit organization. This remained the name of the center until the SPVMHC Board of Trustees voted to change the name to the Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center on October 14, 1976.

After the Mental Health legislation authorized states to institute “648 Boards” to fund agencies, the first agency site was located on Paint Street in Chillicothe beginning in 1966. The first 2 employees of the Paint Valley Guidance Center were a psychiatrist, Dr. Parent, and a receptionist, Mrs. Margaret Knauerhase. The Board of Trustees was also formed in 1966 from volunteers from each of the 5 county mental health associations. In 1967, a psychologist, Dr. Mark Brown, a Social Worker, Miss Margaret Kelly, and a secretary, Mrs. Olive Wiseman were added. In 1969, the Paint Valley Mental Health and Mental Retardation Board was organized in compliance with House Bill 648. The 648 Board overseer and Treasurer who was appointed by the Governor of Ohio was Miss Martha E. Cottrill.

From 1972 until 1975, the Ross County Health Planning Council identified mental health services as a priority need. A subcommittee of 20 local citizens, led by the association President, Charlye Maloney, and Secretary/Treasurer, Mrs. Rosemary Houf, completed their report in 1975 and recommended supporting the expansion of mental health services with a one-mill levy that would draw additional state per capita funds to support the expansion of service locations. The Ross County Mental Health Association was reactivated to support the levy and the first levy passed in November 1975 when other levies were failing.

The central core of the Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center moved a total of 4 times. From their 39 South Paint Street location, the center moved to a building known around Chillicothe to “the former TB Sanatorium” located at the top of Carlisle Hill and Pohlman Road. Later, the center moved to 425 Chestnut Street in Chillicothe. In 1978, when the federal government supported moving funds from state hospitals to pay for more outpatient psychiatric and counseling services during the “deinstitutionalization movement,” the SPVMHC administration planned on expanding outpatient counseling clinics at each of the county seats in Ross, Pickaway, Pike, Fayette, and Highland counties. County Commissioners were approached in those counties for support for offices in their counties. Pike County was the first satellite office to open in 1976.

In November 1976 the Substance Abuse Program was formed in Ross County. Mike Bethel was the Director and Rick Barnes and Rick Williams were the two workers. The awareness of mental health concepts and needs were growing. The 648 Catchment Planning Authority submitted the “Planning Application” to enable the designing of comprehensive services to begin the expansion process. In 1977, the agency began growing by offering a variety of services, mental health, drug treatment, education, and prevention services. A Crisis Center Director, Dr. James R. Hagen, was hired to oversee the Crisis Center operations for all five counties that was located at the 425 Chestnut Street location. In 1978, the number of employees grew due to the SPVMHC receiving notification of the Initial Operations Grant by the National Institute of Mental Health. Due to the rapid growth, the agency decided to become decentralized and began hiring outpatient clinic directors. The Executive Director then was Perry Alexander, who oversaw the employees who made up “Central Administration.” As a result of the levy, state, and most importantly, federal funds, the SPVMHC, a nonprofit, comprehensive mental health center, grew to 130 professional and support personnel who were providing services to approximately 1,500 clients in January 1980. The first socialization, day treatment, and therapy groups were offered and each clinic added outpatient therapists, case managers, supervisors, and psychiatrists who rotated among the clinics.

SPVMHC opened two brand new buildings for outpatient clinics in Pike and Fayette counties in 1981 after being located in other rented offices since 1976. Land was also purchased in Highland and Pickaway counties for the construction of the last two clinics. Due to support of the Ross County Commissioners, the Ross County Clinic, located at its current site at 4449 SR 159, was opened on June 29, 1982 with the Ribbon Cutting ceremony held on September 19, 1982. The clinic operated at the ground floor with the SPVMHC Central Administration located on the second floor.

SPVMHC administration staff recognized the need to advocate for a local psychiatric inpatient unit. Three psychiatrists (Dr. Stuart Oppenheimer, Dr. Kancherla Rao, and Dr. Forouz Allahverdi) worked with Adena Medical Center staff for a 15-bed inpatient psychiatric unit named 1-A. This unit was opened on May 23, 1983. The 1-A Director was Jacklyn Byers, an SPVMHC employee. This collaboration ceased after its initial 3 years as Adena took over the 1-A administration.

During the 1980s, an additional focus on establishing group homes began as a way to bring clients back to the community instead of their staying at state hospitals. In addition to group homes, transition services began to assist client with daily living activities and establishing independent living skills. The Floyd Simantel Clinic was established to help transition clients from psychiatric hospitals to a secure living situation. This complex has been expanded during the past twenty years to include case management, group therapies, and daily living assistance services. The single residence now has expanded to include Friendship Hall, a male bed residence home with a six-bed capacity. There is also a two bed Duplex housing complex that SPVMHC staff assist with case management services that is located on Mulberry Street in Chillicothe.

There were other treatment endeavors that SPVMHC have participated in and have changed over time to provide services for the client needs. There was an adolescent residential facility in Greenfield Ohio that closed in the 1990s. Then another facility was purchased in Greenfield, Ohio, named Lynn Goff Clinic. This location serves up to 12 females in recovery from one or more of the Substance Use Disorders (SUDs).

The SPVMHC administration, headed by Dr. Gary Kreuchauf, the Executive Director who began SPVMHC employment in the late 1990s, purchased a building to establish a Transportation Company under a separate LLC. There were fiscal issues due to the changing of federal grants and other funding sources. Insurance companies had also initiated “managed care” policies and placing limits on services provided to clients. Due to changes in reimbursement and funding, the SPVMHC Transportation Company LLC was eventually sold in spring 2019. Some of the former vans were dispersed among the clinics to support the group and residential transportation client needs.

There were many changes to SPVMHC in the 2010 decade. First, there was an expansion of the Martha Cottrill Clinic (Ross County) building in 2014 to add the initiation of an SPVMHC Primary Care Center. The Martha Cottrill Clinic also houses a pharmacy, Genoa Pharmacy, to provide access for medication needs. During that building expansion to create rooms for Primary Care, the Central Administration added an upper floor expansion that now is the offices for the Information Technology offices and the Board of Trustee/Central Administration meeting room. The Primary Care LLC was closed during the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

The 2017 to 2019 SPVMHC history includes many changes. After the state of Ohio “Behavioral Healthcare Redesign” occurred, many licensed employees left the agency. The clinical staff numbers dropped to 57 by mid-2018. From November 2018 to June 2019, the focus of the SPVMHC leadership was to hire clinical staff to increase client services and provide community needs for mental health and substance use disorder challenges. Because of the need for male bed alcohol and other drug treatment issues in our catchment area, the Board of Trustees approved a third residential treatment center acquisition. An existing building was purchased and internally reconstructed for a 36-bed residential facility. This center was named The Rulon Center to honor a past Board of Trustees President, Marsha Jo Rulon. She still is a Board member with 40 years of Board membership as of December 2023. The Rulon Center held its Open House and dedication in February 2019.

SPVMHC has a Medical Director, Dr. Nathan Shiflett. In March 2019, Dr. J Paul Roberts was hired as a Board-Certified adult psychiatrist who works in Pike County and the Martha Cottrill Clinic. He joined Dr. Robin Norman is an adult and child psychiatrist who has worked at SPVMHC for 20 years (as of 2023) and now has the title of Children’s Psychiatric Medical Director. She sees clients in Fayette, Highland, and Greene counties. Dr. Norman supervises a Nurse Practitioner, Lisa Wolffe. The third psychiatrist, Dr. Joju Variath, has worked off and on for SPVMHC for 24 years. He works in Ross and Pike counties and primarily treats children. He is a Board-Certified adult and child psychiatrist. A Medication-Assisted Treatment certified nurse practitioner, Zachary Manson was hired in 2021 to offer clinical treatment to people who are having issues with substance use.

The next Executive Director, Dr. Barbara Mahaffey, began working again at SPVMHC on November 15, 2018. She previously worked at SPVMHC from 1978 to 1993 when she worked as a case manager. The person who has the longest employment record at SPVMHC is Lynn Albright; she will have 49 years of continuous service on July 1, 2024 and she works in Central Administration. The clinician who has the longest record of continuous employment is Kyle Stinson, BSW, LSW, who was hired on January 20, 1981.

Employment Opportunities

Visit our Indeed page directly HERE to see most current job listings.

Other Employment Opportunities

The Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center is looking for business professionals from our 5-county service area to join our Board of Directors. Qualifications would include experience in a leadership position, someone with experience in mental health, or someone with a financial background. This person will be responsible for helping with decisions regarding the future of this agency and the clients we serve. The Board meets monthly and Board members are reimbursed for mileage to attend the meetings. This is a volunteer position. Anyone interested download THIS application and email it to Charles Steinhauser to apply.

Get in Touch

Fayette County Clinic: 740-335-6935

1300 E Paint St, Washington CH, Ohio

Highland County Clinic: 937-393-9946

108 Erin Ct, Hillsboro, Ohio Phone

Lynn Goff Clinic: 937-981-7701

134 Jefferson St, Greenfield, Ohio

Pike County Clinic: 740-947-7783

102 Dawn Ln, Waverly, Ohio

Martha Cottrill Clinic: 740-775-1260

4449 OH-159, Chillicothe, Ohio

The Rulon Center: 740-672-2401

400 Chamber Drive, Chillicothe, Ohio

Pickaway County Clinic: 740-474-8874

145 Morris Rd, Circleville, OH

Floyd Simantel Clinic: 740-775-1270

312 E 2nd St, Chillicothe, OH